The longest hole on the pitch, a double dogleg, and a second five-pair. Tricky to drive can be especially out on the right, formed by a fence as a border of the golf course. Fairway goes uphill, there are 3 bunkers at the drive level. If you hit a sufficiently long shot, the second shot follows somewhere within 50-100 m of the green. Point it slightly to the left, as the fairway is sloping right down to the fence, and bouncing the ball could uncomfortably complicate the starting position to attack the green with a third shot. The trees in front of the green are still small, but they will soon be a noticeable obstacle. Of course, a very good player will attack the green with the second shot and strive for a birdie. Be careful about the position of the hole, green is a two-stage. If you overblow, you are in a water hazard, on the other hand, there are 2 bunkers in front of the green. Length M 413 m, F 358 m.

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